Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Book Review

In the true spirit of "partnering," I'm going to do some self assessment. If I had the luxury of time, I would do the whole thing over. This was my first video book review, and I found it to be the most difficult assignment so far. How can making 10-12 minutes worth of video take hours?! I had a good idea of what I wanted to produce, but I wasn't exactly sure what tools ("nouns") I needed to get the product. I did some research and found some editing software that cost $100. (I opted not to purchase that.) So I decided to go with a combination of tools I was already familiar with: Google Presentations, Photo Booth, and YouTube.

I really enjoyed reading this book and found it very inspiring. While reading I actually took 8 pages of notes to reference in case I ever get the opportunity to teach using the "partnering" method. However, I did not find making the presentation and videos as enjoyable. Looking back, I can see how I could have done it better. If I had the opportunity to redo this assignment, I would prepare a speech, just like I would have done for a speech class. Then, I would make notes on index cards to refer to as I gave the speech. I think I would have been more pleased with the results using those steps. "'Ancora imparo'" Translation: "'I am still learning.'" (p. 170, Prensky)


  1. You are a PC user? iMovie comes with the Mac or costs less than $20. And it is just as good at a $ 250 PC program. But Google presentation slides works well, especially when you embed YouTube videos.

    Your second YouTube video is sego private.Please change to Public so I can watch it.

    Standardized tests: Is the problem the way we evaluate? What we evaluate? That we evaluate?

    Well done. Change the video I can't watch.

    1. I am a Mac user, and my first inclination was to use iMovie. Unfortunately, the last time I used that program it took me 8+ hours to complete a simple book trailer, and I ran into some limitations. I was really searching for a program that would allow me to add text to my videos. I wanted frames with text in them to flow seamlessly between the videos.