Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Alabama Virtual Library

The residents of Alabama have a free resource available to them, and most don't even know it exists!

The following video is a short guide on the Alabama Virtual Library and its usefulness to elementary students, their parents, and elementary teachers. In the video, I point out some important features and some areas that need improvement. Thank you for watching! (Please, pardon my grammar. I was a bit nervous. This is my first screen recording.)


  1. I wouldn't have known about AVL either if it weren't for taking these courses through USA! We as educators need to get the word out! It's too nice of a resource to be so under utilized. Perhaps through our school newsletters and our twitter posts and blog posts and Facebook professional networks, etc. How do you suggest we get the word out on AVL? Great post and project! :)

  2. Mary Alice, we definitely need to get the word out! I like all of your suggestions, and I think simply incorporating it into our lesson plans is a good way. We can also provide links to it on our class webpages. Thanks for your comment!