Sunday, May 4, 2014

How did EDM510 affect me?

I wanted to include a photograph of the tomato plants that I referred to in the video. To me, they are a physical representation of the growth that took place in me over the semester.


  1. Well organized. And now to the emotionally: a curse? Wow!

    We do learn from failing! Everybody falls off the bicycle!

    Go as far as you can see and see more. I like it.

    Done is better than perfect. Nice. And now you will have some tomatoes.

    When will you return to teaching?

    I am glad it turned out to be a blessing.

    1. Well, Dr. Strange, in hindsight "curse" may have been too harsh of a word. I was referring to being assigned to a different professor after I had already become acquainted with the syllabus of the first class. I knew nothing about you or what I would be doing in your class (which is probably a good thing). :)
      I plan to return to teaching in 2 years.